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Money is Emotional

Let’s test something real quick, read this out loud to yourself: 100,000; $100,000.

How did you feel when you added dollars? Money should evoke an emotional response in us. It’s not just a number, and that’s ok.

Money is emotional, there’s no avoiding that. According to an article on Forbes, money tends to evoke four different emotions in us: fear, guilt, shame, and envy. Of course, these can all be interrelated, but the most common way we have seen it in people we’ve worked with is a fear of how badly their finances look, and the guilt and shame from not taking steps to fix it.

According to Psychology Today, anxiety about money is completely normal, and the best way to fix it is to be dispassionate about it. Here at BLBK, we know that your money is emotional to you, but your money is not emotional to us. We can be an objective third party when it comes to your finances. Your money will always affect you emotionally, and you should acknowledge that. We can help you view your finances objectively to help you out of an anxiety ridden situation.

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