Andrew Hoover - Marketing


Andrew Hoover is an administrative assistant at BLBK. Although he does some bookkeeping, he primarily does marketing and design projects. He loves creating flow charts, graphs, and designing websites. His goal in all his design work is to make a complicated process understandable to the lay person.

Outside of work, Andrew is a runner and an avid gamer. 


Bottom Line Bookkeeping Solutions, started in 1999 when a co-worker came to Connie complaining about QuickBooks. 


She immediately realized that the problem wasn't Quickbooks, it was a lack of understanding of general bookkeeping principals. Connie cleaned up double posted deposits, billable items that were being sold as an expense rather than revenue, and other items that were entered incorrectly. Then, she helped him develop a smooth process that he understood well.  As she assisted him, she realized that he was not the only person who needed this help.  Connie decided to start a company where she could help entrepreneurs understand and use Quickbooks, and now, as Profit First bookkeepers, BLBK Solutions can also help to drive profitability in their businesses.


This coworker, her first client, is now Connie's husband. "We have one, very clear rule in our house . . . he leaves the bookkeeping to me. Especially since, his books from 1999 are still the worst I've ever encountered!"

Mike Michalowicz - Adviser & Lead Profit First Strategist



Mike is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion dollar companies and is the author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and what Business Week deemed the entrepreneurs cult classic, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. He is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, speaks internationally on entrepreneurial topics, and is the creator of the Profit First method. Mike is an active adviser on Profit First to our firm.

Abby and Rose

Abby and Rose are the loyal BLBK mascots. Both are purebred English Labrador Retrievers. They love Connie, Andrew, and Heather very much.

Rose is clearly the smarter of the two. She understands that it's hard to do your books, and gets especially cranky when it doesn't work out. Abby, on the other hand, is just happy to be here.

In charge of comic relief and occasional shredding.

Connie 2020.jpg

Connie Jacox - Founder / CEO


Connie has always loved bookkeeping and feels she was born to the profession.  She actually maintained a handwritten ledger of her babysitting money when she was a kid.

When not working, she enjoys reading, walking with her yellow labs, or kayaking in the surrounding area.

Maintaining a good work/life balance is very important to Connie, and providing a service that allows clients to reach that balance is her goal.

Heather Ferdon - Bookkeeper


Heather Ferdon has worked in bookkeeping for six years and is certified in QuickBooks Online. Accounting caught her attention in high school when she discovered she enjoyed and excelled at categorizing, organizing, and making sure everything had a “place.”  Her goal is to use her skills to help each client she works with be successful in their business.

In her free time, Heather enjoys camping with her husband, two sons, and dogs Lenae and Emma. She has a special affinity for rescue animals.

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