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Labor Day – What are we celebrating?

Labor Day and the end of summer

For most of us Labor Day is the last long weekend of the summer. After a little research I discovered that it was originally celebrated by the labor movement in the 19th century and became an officially recognized federal holiday in 1894. While the history is interesting, for me it’s the end of summer and time for school to start.

Many families start the school year with their schedule already filling up with sports and other after school activities. Make sure that you take this opportunity to get on their schedules as well.

Have your front desk take the time to look up the local school calendars, so that they know when the non-student days are. With this information, they have a great option when they are trying to schedule an appointment, and all the after-school slots are full.

In honor of the original intent of the holiday how about an end of summer surprise for the staff as well? We all need an unexpected thank you occasionally. An iced coffee might be nice way to celebrate labor and the end of summer.

Have a great final summer weekend!

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