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Summer is Here!

Moving in over the Summer

Summer is here. Time for backyard barbecues and fireworks. Summer is also the time of year that many people move, and that means there are lots of new people in your area. Are you the dental practice they are going to hear about first?

Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About, by Fred Joyal shares insights on how to be that first practice your new neighbors hear about. You want to create a culture in your practice that causes people to “remark” about you when the subject of dentistry comes up.

Becoming a remarkable practice is a task for the whole team, everyone from the front desk to the dentist can help you to be more remarkable. Does the front desk smile and greet each patient by name? On the other side of the appointment, do you make sure nobody leaves without their next appointment scheduled and a request to recommend the practice to their friends?

If you would like to learn more ways to become remarkable I have two copies of the book that I will send to the first two people that email me at just put free book in the subject line and let me know the address to mail the book to.

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