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Auto-Payments:The Silent Killer

Auto-Payments are really convenient; you sign up for something, then forget

about it. Unless of course you’re the bookkeeper and you’re wondering where all the money is going. Auto-payments can be sucking your business dry without you ever realizing it.

Broken Piggybank

One of the first things we do when we sign on new clients is check any subscriptions that they may have that they don’t use. You may have been through this process with us already. However, just because we’ve already done it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it again. Also be aware of the subscriptions you have and ask yourself if they are still a good investment. They might be, but it never hurts to check.

Here’s a recommendation, take some time, at least quarterly, to check all your subscription payments. Ask yourself if any of them have become unnecessary or too expensive for their worth. This will help you be aware of where your money is going and help you take your profit first.

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